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If you quit smoking for 28 days, you are 5x more likely to stay quit for good. Join us for Stoptober.

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stoptober 2021

London’s free quit smoking programme for residents of Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea. Welcome to the best decision you’ll ever make!

This is One You Westminster and One You RBKC’s dedicated Stop Smoking programme. It is fully funded by local councils to help their residents quit smoking. Use our experts this October and feel better in just 28 Days. Find out how we can help today.

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what you get

Stoptober is a national stop smoking campaign in which 1000’s of people unite around the UK by giving up smoking for October, and hopefully beyond! One You will be here to support you each day of October with helpful advice, nicotine replacement therapy (e.g. patches, gum, lozenges), recipes, exercise sessions and informative articles to help you reach your goal.

I quit because...

Men is happy in park
I quit because I need an operation
Women cuddle baby
I quit because I'm a new parent
Two women enjoy a coffee
I quit because my partner quit
Two grandparents watch their grandchildren play
I quit because I want to spend money on grandkids
A young couple in the sun
I quit because I want a smokefree wedding
A young man playing with a dog
I quit for my dog
Young couple running
I quit because I want to take up running
A Dad and Child playing in the garden
I quit because I want to chase my children around the park

How it works


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Receive a call

You will be called by our friendly Stop Smoking Advisors to book you in for your first telephone conversation. Please note our advisors may call you from a mobile number.  


receive resource pack

The bonus resource pack will be sent to you on the 1st October, which contains all the additional healthy lifestyle support you need.


your first appointment

On your 1st appointment, your advisor will discuss your Nicotine Replacement Therapy options e.g. Patches, gum etc.


Ongoing support

You will have 12 weeks of ongoing support.



You receive a certificate at the end of October when you’ve been smokefree for 4 weeks!

get full support

Think of us as a big hug when you’re down, a hot drink when you’re cold, a relaxing playlist when you’re stressed. Whatever you’re reasoning for stopping smoking, whatever you are going through, trust us, we’ve been there, we’ve seen it before, and we KNOW we can get you to your goal if you sign up with us. Many of our advisors are ex-smokers, so they know exactly what you’re going through.

Is it really free?

Yes! Our service is completely free to residents of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster who meet certain eligibility criteria. The programme is funded by Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster councils to help their residents quit smoking for good.

Ready for a new you?

Everyone has a reason for quitting, whatever yours is, we will get you there.

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what our clients say...

“I have not touched a cig since we last spoke 2 weeks ago and I’m feeling GREAT!! I’m clean! Thank you SO much Jay for all your help and support and for believing in me.”

“Brilliant! Third time trying and can finally say I’m a non smoker :)”

“I think we are lucky to have services like Stoptober! I will push through and continue to use the knowledge and support you have given me to quit for good!”

"Matt was fully supportive. We made decision together"

“The most beneficial was speaking with my advisor, her knowledge of the best way to assist me in stopping smoking after she spent time asking me relevant questions about my smoking habit.” 

“I wouldn't have been successful without the support I received.” 

“Most beneficial was my mentor, his determination to help me succeed and his support. He also explained what the whole 12 weeks would look like so I knew what would be coming.”

“Anna was extremely supportive and fantastic!
Thank you!”

"Thank you so much for your support!!! It means a lot!!!...Because I have had great support from you, you have given me coping mechanisms I will continue to use..you have been a life saver."

“I'm very happy. I am so much healthier and motivated in my life.” 

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